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of Testing

Benefit from the test scenarios created through Behavioral Analysis on actual user data. Detect Web Flows with AI, saving up to 80% on costs and simplifying test planning and execution. Gain unique insights with Real-time Data Analysis and optimize your testing strategy with No-Code.

Experience the future of testing. Join us now to see the AI-powered difference in your testing process.

​​Upgrade your testIng game wIth Cunda's UNIFIED & FLEXIBLE SOLUTION

​Discover the Future of QA with the Human-Independent Test Solution

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Our advanced technology creates high-coverage test scenarios based on actual user data. You can also benefit our special Record & Play and Drag & Drop features to create cases with no coding.

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Streamline your testing processes with Cunda's advanced features and get results fast without worrying about setup and test script development. Our innovative approach ensures your team can focus on achieving optimal results with minimal effort.

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Just embed the special script, sit back and let Cunda's AI algorithm generates high-quality test scenarios. ​With Cunda, testing is no longer a tedious and time-consuming task.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Testing Processes Accross Diverse Scenarios

Who Are You ? ​Amplify Your Testing Journey with Cunda.


​AI-Assisted Test Generation

​Cunda leverages artificial intelligence to assist in test scenario generation. By analyzing user sessions and behaviors, Cunda automatically suggests Web flows for testing. This AI-powered feature helps you quickly identify critical test scenarios without requiring extensive manual exploration.

​Codeless Test Case Creation

​Say goodbye to complex coding and scripting. Cunda offers a codeless approach, allowing you to create test scenarios through intuitive visual interfaces and predefined actions. You can build and manage tests without coding knowledge!

Streamlined Test Management

Efficiently manage your test scenarios with Cunda’s intuitive interface. Organize, view, and analyze tests with ease. Our platform provides comprehensive insights and analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your testing processes without the complexity of traditional methods.

Enhanced Testing Strategy

Leverage Cunda's advanced analytics to proactively manage your test scenarios. Benefit from in-depth analysis that helps you understand user behavior and test coverage, allowing you to refine your testing strategies continually. There's no need for manual adjustments—Cunda's intelligent insights do the heavy lifting, helping you maintain an optimal testing.

​Advanced Testing Features

​Take your testing to the next level with Cunda's advanced features. Simplify your test process and achieve faster, more efficient results

Transform Complexity into Simplicity

Are you struggling to achieve high test coverage for your dynamic product? Is your structure and working model making it difficult for you to work agile? Do you lack know-how about testing?

You don't have to worry about these situations anymore. We have simplified the complex testing process to just a single button for you. Introducing you to hassle-free testing with our innovative solution.

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Let Cunda take the wheel for smarter, faster testing.

Check out our blog to discover how we created Cunda with our extensive knowledge and experience in software testing.

We are constantly improving and updating our product, so stay tuned for new updates and features. Experience the future of testing with Cunda – start your journey today!

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