Unleash the power of AI-Driven test with Cunda.

Cunda offers unmatched power and flexibility. Say goodbye to complex coding and welcome an intuitive AI-Driven, Drag-and-Drop & Record-and-play interface that enables you to create tests in Minutes, not hours or days. Enhance your testing processes Effortlessly Reduce Time-to-Market, and improve Software Quality.


Optimize Your Testing Efforts

Cunda is a comprehensive test solution that streamlines your testing process from planning to design. Say goodbye to manual and repetitive testing.

AI Driven Approach

With its AI-powered capabilities, Cunda helps you detect common and unique flows based on end-user sessions, providing you with practical maps to accelerate your test processes. Say goodbye to manual mapping efforts and hello to streamlined smart testing with Cunda.

Test Management Suite

Cunda provides a unified platform to manage all your test scenarios, plans, and comprehensive analytics in one place. Efficiently plan and design your test cases and scenarios while keeping track of all necessary data through our advanced analytics dashboard. This centralized approach allows you to gain real-time insights, ensuring your testing processes are both effective and streamlined.

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Codeless & All in One Approach

I​ntroducing a cutting-edge testing platform that brings you efficiency and cost savings. With our codeless approach, we eliminate the need for expensive coding and put the power back into the hands of the users. Cunda's all-in-one solution provides a comprehensive suite of testing tools, and with API testing on the horizon, Cunda is taking testing to the next level.

Your partner in achieving flawless software quality.

Let Cunda do the heavy lifting for you - enhance your testing processes today.

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Customize behavior analysis, auto-create test scenarios from Web flows , and save up to 75% of time compared to traditional QA processes.

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Cunda allows you to manage all your domains/projects in one place, making it easy to keep track of your testing processes and results.

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With Record & Play you can quickly record and replay your test scenarios anytime, saving you valuable time and resources. With the intuitive interface, you can easily create test cases without any prior coding knowledge. Drag & Drop the required actions and commands, and voila!

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Track and analyze your testing processes effectively with Cunda's dashboard. Gain valuable insights into user behavior and test effectiveness to ensure your testing efforts are accurately targeted and highly efficient.

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Your team no longer needs to deal with the struggles of traditional testing - they can focus on more critical tasks, such as analyzing test results and improving software quality.

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Cunda has advanced Web testing features that allow you to test complex web applications with ease via Record & Play, Drag & Drop and Codeless features. API testing is coming soon!

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Cunda is not limited to just Record & Play; it enhances the management of test scenarios, making them easier to handle and update. Our platform allows QA engineers to efficiently manage test scenarios with minimal manual intervention. This approach reduces time spent on maintenance, allowing teams to focus more on strategic testing activities and less on routine updates.

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Enhanced BDD & Playwright export feature that makes it easy to export test cases and scenarios for use in your software development processes. You can easily integrate Cunda into your test processes.

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Experience the power of Cunda for yourself! Schedule a demo today to learn how our end-to-end testing tool can improve your testing processes and save your team time and resources.

Collect & Play

Transform your testing process with Cunda's advanced end-user session recording. No more guessing games or uncertainty, Cunda's state-of-the-art technology captures end-user activities from their sessions, giving you access to real user behavior data to generate testing flows. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that Cunda is GDPR compliant, ensuring the safe and secure handling of data.

The Auto-Created Test Scenarios

With our latest feature, Cunda now even detects and maps the URLs of your website, providing user-friendly names for each page! Cunda automatically detects the most common and unique user Web based on end-user session data and displays them in a practical map for you to create test scenarios with just a button! ​Say goodbye to manual script creation and hello to codeless testing with AI-generated cases in addition to custom Drag & Drop, and Record & Play features.

The Actionable Stats & Insights

An enormous chunk of data simplified for you. Insight your collectible data with several statistics.

Benefit from Cunda's dashboard to notice your most common and unique flows, observe which countries, devices, and browsers your users come from, etc.

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