The Magic Behind the AI-Based Test Automation Tool

In today’s agile-driven landscape, organizations strive for efficiency and productivity in their software testing processes. The key to achieving these goals lies in leveraging the power of AI-based test automation tools. These transformative tools can turn traditional and repetitive test processes into autonomous and intelligent ones. This post will dive into the magic behind Cunda, the next-generation AI-based test automation tool, and explore how it revolutionizes software testing.

Harnessing Actual User Data

Cunda takes testing to a whole new level by working with actual user data. Cunda’s exceptional data analytics and machine learning algorithms generate the most common and unique test scenarios by collecting and analyzing end-user activities. These scenarios can be directly executed on the product or converted into BDD scripts, such as Cucumber, Specflow, and Gauge. Additionally, Cunda can observe user behavior through a dedicated player, allowing for deeper insights.

Zero Code Integration: Effortless Integration, Maximum Impact

With Cunda, coding has become a thing of the past. A special tracking code is generated for embedding into the software product, enabling seamless data collection and analysis. Say goodbye to manual coding and hello to streamlined integration.

Autonomous Building: Powered by AI

Cunda’s powerful AI engine collects and analyzes clickstream data, creating test cases based on actual system usage. This autonomous building process eliminates the need for manual test case creation, saving valuable time and effort for test engineers.

Smart Flow Detection: Working Smarter, not Harder

Cunda’s advanced ML and DL algorithms enable smart flow detection, identifying user behavior patterns and evaluating them as the most common and unique flows for testing. Cunda helps optimize test coverage and efficiency by focusing on the most critical areas via extracting Web & API Flows.

End-to-End Automation: Run or Export with Ease

Cunda empowers test engineers by producing BDD scripts compatible with popular test automation frameworks like Cucumber, Specflow, and Gauge for your Web & API tests. These scripts can be easily extracted or directly executed on Cunda, providing detailed test execution metrics for comprehensive analysis.

Record & Play: Effortless Test Scenario Creation

With Cunda’s Record & Play feature, creating test scenarios becomes a breeze. Simply interact with your application as a user would, and Cunda automatically records your actions. You can then play back these recorded actions to create robust and reusable test scenarios. This intuitive approach eliminates the need for manual script development, saving you time and effort while maintaining accuracy.

Drag & Drop: Simplifying Test Case Design

Cunda’s Drag & Drop functionality takes test case design to new heights of convenience. Seamlessly build test cases by dragging and dropping test steps and actions onto the canvas. Whether it’s navigating through pages, interacting with elements, or validating results, you can easily construct complex test cases with a visual and intuitive interface. This streamlined process enables efficient test case design, even for users with minimal technical expertise.

Auto-Pilot: Adapting to Changes Effortlessly

One of the greatest challenges for test engineers is maintaining test stability in the face of frequent changes. Cunda tackles this challenge head-on with its self-healing capability. By collecting extensive information about each element on the webpage, Cunda can adapt and recognize elements even if attributes change, ensuring uninterrupted test execution.

Centralized Project Management: Unifying Testing Efforts

Managing multiple projects and test assets can be a daunting task. Cunda simplifies this challenge by offering a centralized project management system. With all your projects, test cases, and resources in one place, you can efficiently organize, collaborate, and track the progress of your testing efforts. This centralized approach fosters better teamwork, enhances productivity, and ensures consistent testing practices across your organization.


Cunda, the AI-based test automation tool, unveils the magic of transforming software testing. By harnessing actual user data, eliminating manual coding, and leveraging the power of AI, Cunda streamlines and enhances the entire testing process. Say goodbye to assumptions and hello to data-driven insights. Embed Cunda into your product and embark on a journey of efficient and intelligent software testing. The future of testing is here.

If you want to learn more, visit Cunda website.