Streamlining Test Execution: Exploring the Efficiency of AI-Based Automation, Record & Play, Drag & Drop, and Self-Healing

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the efficiency of AI-based automation, along with the powerful capabilities of Record & Play, Drag & Drop, and Self-Healing, offered by Cunda, the next-generation test automation platform, and explore how we revolutionize the testing landscape. See how AI-based automation, combined with intuitive test creation capabilities, elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of your test execution processes, propelling your organization towards accelerated software delivery and enhanced product quality.

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Automated Web & API Flow Detection: Unleashing the Power of AI

Cunda, the next-generation test automation platform, harnesses the power of AI to transform the way we detect and analyze Web and API flows. By analyzing user sessions and interactions, Cunda can automatically identify common and unique flows, eliminating the need for manual test case creation.

This intelligent approach not only saves time and effort but also ensures comprehensive test coverage by capturing real user behaviors. With Cunda’s AI-powered flow detection, test engineers can focus on critical testing activities, confident that they are testing the most relevant and impactful aspects of their application.

Record & Play: Effortless Test Case Creation Made Simple

Test case creation is often a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, requiring meticulous manual effort and attention to detail. However, Cunda’s Record & Play feature revolutionizes this process, making test case creation effortless and intuitive.

With a simple recording mechanism, test engineers can interact with the application and automatically generate test cases. This intuitive approach not only reduces the time and effort required to create comprehensive test scenarios but also ensures accuracy and consistency in test case generation.

By eliminating the need for manual scripting, Cunda’s Record & Play feature empowers test engineers to create test cases rapidly, enabling faster test execution and increased productivity.

Drag & Drop: Custom Test Case Design Made Easy

Creating complex test scenarios often involves writing extensive code and managing intricate test scripts. However, Cunda simplifies test case design with its intuitive Drag & Drop interface. Test engineers can visually arrange test steps and actions, effortlessly designing custom test cases without the need for extensive coding.

This user-friendly approach enhances productivity and collaboration within the testing team, allowing for faster test case creation and increased efficiency. With Cunda’s Drag & Drop feature, test engineers can focus on test design rather than coding, unlocking their creativity and enabling them to design comprehensive test scenarios with ease.

Auto-Pilot: Maintaining Test Automation with Minimal Human Intervention

One of the most significant challenges in test automation is maintaining test cases as applications evolve and change. Traditional test automation approaches often require extensive manual maintenance, resulting in increased effort and reduced efficiency. However, Cunda’s Self-Healing capability addresses this challenge by automatically adapting and updating test cases to ensure their resilience.

By continuously monitoring and analyzing the application’s elements, Cunda can identify changes and automatically adjust test cases accordingly. This self-healing capability minimizes the need for manual intervention, allowing test engineers to focus on critical testing activities and ensuring that test automation remains up-to-date and reliable.


AI-based automation transforms the test execution landscape, empowering organizations to achieve faster, more accurate, and scalable software testing. With Cunda’s powerful features such as Automated Web & API Flow Detection, Record & Play, Drag & Drop, and Self-Healing, test engineers can streamline their test execution processes, accelerate software delivery, and enhance product quality.

By leveraging the power of AI, Cunda enables test engineers to focus on critical testing activities, create custom test cases effortlessly, and maintain test automation with minimal human intervention.

Embrace the power of AI-based automation with Cunda and unlock a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in your test execution endeavors.

Elevate your testing game and embrace the future of automation with Cunda. For more info, visit Cunda Website.